Bitcoin Tycoon gets Early Access release

Can you make it as a Bitcoin billionaire in this cryptocurrency sim?

Bitcoin Tycoon

We’ve all heard the story of the people who got into Bitcoin back in the early 2010s, forgot about the coins they had bought, and found themselves rich beyond their wildest dreams when the crypto-currency train reached its present heights. Ever wish that you could go back in time and jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon back in the early days?

Well now you can, with Bitcoin Tycoon, a simulator where you take on the role of a Bitcoin miner way back in 2014. There’s a lot of complex tech involved, and nobody knows yet what the best build is, so you’ll have to choose your hardware wisely. It will be challenging, but the rewards of hopping aboard the blockchain bus are worth all the effort.

This game is not just about arcane computing however, as there’s also a cast of characters to get to know, from Mr Huang who introduces you to the world of Bitcoin mining, to your own mother who will make your life difficult if you don’t find a way of working out your issues with her.

There’s a variety of different choices to make in Bitcoin Tycoon, from the way you operate your business (stay in mining, or branch out to become a currency trader), to the décor of the room where the mining magic happens.

This game was created by 99 Game Studio from Shanghai, China. It’s reasonably cheap, particularly now during its launch phase on Steam where it’s reduced by 20%. There has been some criticism of the difficulty level, with a couple of early reviewers saying it seems to be designed for players who already know a fair bit about Bitcoin. But others say it’s an interesting way to learn about an important topic, and has a lot of promise.