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High-speed brawler Speed Brawl hits out this summer

This Victorian-era, dystopian fighting game packs a punch.

Roof-top brawler Speed Brawl is coming to PC and consoles this summer. Throwing players into a balletic symphony of lightning-quick combat in the dank locales of a dystopian London, this fighting game forces players to keep momentum up under punishing blows. But, with energy reserves to manage this wont be an easy task.

Players can upgrade and customize their tag-team of fighters through the acquisition of equipment and unlocking new and improved skills. The game’s campaign can be played as a single or cooperative multiplayer experience the whole way through, both local and online.

Speed Brawl

‘‘Speed Brawl was inspired in part by the over-the-top action, violence and dark humor of movies like Rollerball, The Hunger Games and Starship Troopers’’ states Daniel Menard, Producer at Double Stallion. We’ll have to see if it’s really worth the fight.

Speed Brawl is coming to Kartridge, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam this summer and players can wishlist it on Steam today.