Stormbound unleashed on Steam

‘‘Susan! Get the waterproofs – there’s a storm bound!”

Stormbound, the award-winning strategic CCG previously only available on Android and IOS, is now available on Steam and to play on PC.

In this strategy game players are pitted against each other in tactical battles. Using clever deck strategies and positional tactics, you can play powerful units on the board to progress towards the enemy base, discover four unique kingdoms and lay out more than one hundred cards with special abilities, all while making the most of a host of strategic decisions that can turn the tide of the war.


Whether you employ fast-moving swarming warriors, solid board control units, clever machinations with positional synergies, or devious counters that can turn the tide of battle – there is a myriad of ways to win and an equal number of ways to lose.

In-game you can expect to come across these key features:

  • Full-screen visuals that make the beautiful Stormbound art come to life
  • Multi-platform accounts – play freely across devices with a Kongregate account
  • Full cross-platform multiplayer
  • Optimized User Interface for a great desktop experience
  • On Steam: A juicy set of Steam Badges and Trading Cards coming soon!
  • On Kongregate: Play right from your browser using HTML5!

Prepare to unleash the storm, from the comfort of your PC! Stormbound is available for download now on Steam,, the Apple App Store and Google Play.