Castle of Heart

Castle of Heart on Switch gets first big update

New changes and updates based on player feedback and 10% discount.

In Castle of Heart, you will fight your way through 20 levels, set in 4 distinct environments inspired by real life places, all meticulously designed in 3D with changing landscapes, different weather conditions and detailed backgrounds.

While roaming the game’s fantasy world, you will face all kinds of enemies sent by the evil sorcerer to stop you. You will have to use different strategies in order to beat each type of opponent. Your success will depend on your ability to choose wisely from a wide selection of increasingly more powerful weapons – fire-based weapons, ice-based weapons and even deafening grenades – and to use your magical arsenal, as well as power-ups.

Don’t forget that your body is made of stone and it will disintegrate if you avoid fighting. In order to keep it together, you will need energy which you get by defeating enemies. Never forget about it or you will hit your critical energy level sooner than you expect, causing one of your arm to fall off, alongside your ability to wield an additional weapon.

Castle of Heart

Here’s a list of all the changes in the update:

  • In-game tutorial – several things were designed from scratch, while others were remodeled. It will help you understand better the core gameplay mechanics, like leveling up and the use of power-ups
  • Character’s animations – better control over the main character was our main goal. In order to achieve it, we have polished some animations. The result is that our knight reacts immediately to you want him to do (like jumping, punching, shooting, picking up weapons and so on)
  • Second weapon – by popular demand, we have added indicators informing you about the second weapon’s power. A small, yet an important change
  • Easy Mode – we have heard your comments loud and clear and we reckon that the game might be a bit too challenging at times. This mode was added for the gamers that simply enjoy exploring the game’s world.


There’s also now a 10% discount for Castle of Heart on Switch, priced at £12.14 / $13.49.