Fractured Lands 2

Fractured Lands is coming to Steam Early Access

The every-man-for-himself demolition derby also has a closed beta on the way. 

Unbroken Studios have recently announced their post-apocalyptic shooter, Fractured Lands will be coming to Steam Early Access this summer after a series of closed betas running throughout June.

This team of veteran developers have quite the legacy behind them as well, with senior members of the team having worked on some of the last century’s biggest games including Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and God of War. From the looks of their debut trailer, they aren’t messing around either, this is a seriously good looking game.

Fractured Lands is a battle royal with a twist, here your vehicle is your greatest weapon and an integral part of your survival strategy. You can outfit your chosen vehicle with a range of devastating firepower or reinforce it with scavenged armour in your bid to become the last one standing and escape the wasteland. In this post-apocalyptic world, road warriors must out-drive and out-gun the competition in a battle to survive.

Unbroken Studios’ hi-octane re-imagining of the battle royal genre will centre around ‘drive-to-survive’ deathmatchs that see players scramble for the weapons, gear, and fuel they’ll need to claim a blood-soaked victory. The aim is to change the pace of what players expect from a battle royal by injecting a breakneck sense of speed and strategy into the usual multiplayer manhunt made ever more tense by the impending storm clouds on the horizon.

“Fractured Lands is an experience that epitomizes our passion for this genre but also exemplifies both our experience in developing some of the best shooters in the world and our craving for something innovative, intense and gritty,” said Paul Ohanian, Chief Executive Officer at Unbroken Studios.

There are many who argue that the battle royal market is becoming overcrowded, but from the looks of things Fractured Lands might just have a new enough approach to offer players something fresh and exciting in a genre saturated with clones.

The closed beta for Fractured Lands is slated for the weekends of June 8, June 22, and June 29. Interested players can sign up for a chance to get involved here.