1C announce new strategy game Re-Legion

There’s always room for more sci fi strategy games.

1C have announced their newest game title, Re-Legion. Developed by Ice Code Games, this gritty real-time strategy game is scheduled for release in Autumn (or Fall, for our American readers) 2018.

Combining a strong sci-fi storyline with vivid visuals and a solid foundation for both single and multiplayer modes, Re-Legion will present a hands-on build representing the final game at Gamescon Cologne in August.

The game takes place in a stagnating technocratic society of a seemingly perfect futuristic world, but in actual fact, this is where a cult will be born. A strong leader emerges from the crowds and steps in to rid the world of the misery that clenches society. He brings answers – food for people’s minds – and comfort for their souls.


Players follow Elion’s journey from a lone prophet to the most powerful advocate of religion in the city. Introducing a new alternative to the usual economic and resource management used in RTS games, Re-Legion allows players to convert ordinary non-believing citizens into their units – the followers.

It’s all sounding a bit dark to us, but if this sounds like just your sort of thing, you can find more information on Re-Legion at their Steam page.