Graveyard Keeper gets alpha launch trailer

Enter the business of death in the next game from the creators of Punch Club.

Creators of Punch Club, Lazy Bear Games have released a new alpha launch trailer for their latest game Graveyard Keeper, a management sim in which you enter the business of death.

In what looks like a slightly darker version of Stardew Valley players set up and manage their very own graveyard with lofty ambitions to turn a profit from people’s misfortune. The way in which you go about that is up to you, there’s plenty of corners to be cut and opportunities to be taken. For instance, why not expand into entertainment with witch-burning festivals and scare nearby villagers into attending church?

The trailer shows off a lot of the business side of managing a graveyard, from setting out plots and burying bodies to throwing them in the local river, most likely to cut costs. But, you can also fish, even a grave keeper has to have a day off.

The alpha is available now for people who want to pre-order the game and experience the delight of swapping out the hotdog meat at your witch burning festival for something a little more locally sourced.

Punch Club was featured as one of our Top 100 Greatest Indie Games of All Time, so it should be interesting to see what Graveyard Keeper has in store.

Graveyard Keeper is scheduled to release on Steam August 15th.