Underworld Ascendant gets new trailer

The journey to the Underworld is easy. The hard part is making it out alive!

Underworld Ascendant is the much-anticipated sequel to Google Daydream VR title Underworld Overlord, and it’s just released its latest trailer. The game, an action adventure set in a subterranean hellscape called the Stygian Abyss, will be releasing later this year, but it will be available to play for attendees at E3 later this month.

The game is being developed by OtherSide Entertainment, an independent venture which brings together industry titans Paul Neurath and Warren Spector, from the companies behind Ultima Underworld and Deus Ex (respectively) to create a stunning new game with a focus on ultra-immersive simulation, as in games such as Thief and the games mentioned above, where there are often many solutions to a problem.

Underworld Ascendant

The gameplay of Underworld Ascendant will be innovative, with the opportunity for the player to improvise and experiment with different ways of taking out enemies. The environment is dynamic and will change depending on player choices. There is also a wide variety of items, skills and abilities to get to grips with and develop a unique combat strategy to fit your personal playing style, with the aim of creating so-called ‘player-authored gameplay’.

The E3 demo version will be in place from June 12th-14th at booth 647, with the game releasing in September. You can wishlist it now however on Steam. Unlike its predecessor it does not require a VR headset to play. In a bumper year for fans of hell-themed games, Underworld Ascendant looks set to create a memorable playing experience further adding to the immersive sim genre.