Witch Hunt summoned onto Steam

Witch Hunt brings a touch of Halloween horror to your Summer.

Witch Hunt

For horror game aficionados, it’s Halloween all year round. After all, if you stop to think about it, what time of year is better to plunge yourself into the midst of ghostly goings on than in these sultry Summer days? The terror induced by a good horror game will be more efficient than any air-con at sending a shiver down your spine! It’s early days for this Early Access game, but Witch Hunt has all the makings of an awesome scarefest: the visuals, the fiendishly difficult gameplay and a general atmosphere of dread.

Witch Hunt is set in 18th century America, and is packed with suspense and atmosphere. It has you hunting not just witches but an array of different types of nightmarish creatures, each creepier than the last. Its gameplay centres around ridding a colonial town of the hellish denizens who have taken up residence in the woods, using various tools from conventional weapons to magic spells.

This game is certainly not intended to be merely a creepy visual novel: it will have you screaming with frustration as much as with fear as playing it won’t be an easy ride. The developers promise a game that doesn’t ‘hand-hold’ the player too much, and indeed some early reviews have said it is almost too difficult at times.

Witch Hunt was produced by developer Andrii Vintsevych. This is the latest in a line of several PC horror games from the Ukrainian one-man studio, and by all accounts seems to be his best yet, especially with this game’s great quality and genuinely creepy visuals. Although it’s still Early Access, the game is playable from start to finish. It is currently on an opening discount, so grab it on Steam now… if you dare.