Nostalgic adventure Sol705 meets Kickstarter goal

This 2D point-and-click adventure is now 100% funded!

Sol705 has officially reached its Kickstarter target, coming in at 100% funded the day before its deadline. With the first episode already free to play, the rest of this adventure is set to debut on PC and Mac in the near future.

Set in a small town in Argentina in the 1970s, Sol705 is a 2D point-and-click graphic adventure. While the town may be small, it’s far from peaceful, with UFO sightings, progressive rock and a bunch of wacky rascals living within it. There will be all kinds of puzzles and challenges to experience in this psychedelic town.

The story unfolds over the course of a young boy’s winter break in the remote town, Tucana Lake. Here there are mystery and references around every corner, a distorted reality that mixes American, European and out of this world pop culture influences and lots of amazing wacky sci-fi situations.

It sounds pretty promising. If you’re interested in playing the demo, you can check out Sol705’s Steam page or visit their Kickstarter page to see what the future has in store.