Flashing Lights

Flashing Lights hurtles onto Steam

Emergency services simulator gets Early Access launch.

Flashing Lights

There are a lot of games out there catering to fans of bad driving, law-breaking and generally causing mayhem. But if you’d like to see things from the other side for a change, Flashing Lights is just the game you didn’t know you were looking for.

It’s an emergency services simulator, where you can hop in a police car, fire truck or ambulance and tidy up the mess made by the criminals, careless people and other unfortunate inhabitants of your accident and crime-prone city. Flashing Lights also gives you the option of multiplayer, where you can divide up to six players in any way you see fit among the three services.

Each of the emergency services of course has a different role, so the game offers three very different playing styles sharing the same open world. Opting to play as a cop will see you taking part in high-octane car chases as well as handing out parking tickets, with many more crime types in the pipeline. The fire service don’t only put out fires and rescue trapped people, but also cooperate with police and medical services in traffic accidents to cut victims out of the wreckage. And the EMS (emergency medical specialist) role will of course have you treating victims of a variety of injuries and accidents.

As Flashing Lights is an Early Access game, it is expected to be expanded a lot over the coming months, with more callout missions and improvements to the multiplayer system. There will also be increased character customisation added, and the world will be expanded and made more complex, with different speed limits and road signs and NPC assistants.

So far, Flashing Lights players mostly say the same thing: the game has great potential, even if this Early Access release is still at the very beginning of the road. The game is published by English studio Excalibur Games, who are the indie simulator specialists behind games such as Shoppe Keep 2. Developer Nils Jakrins is responsive to player feedback and hopefully as time goes on Flashing Lights will grow into a well-rounded and enjoyable game. But if you want to take advantage of its 10% opening week discount, then head over to Steam now.