BIG 2018

BIG 2018 set to descend on São Paulo

Throwing the spotlight on Latin America’s largest indie gaming conference.

BIG 2018

As most readers of TIGW probably know, we are about to enter one of the biggest weeks in the gaming calendar, with the arrival of this year’s E3 conference. But just before all the madness of AAA game announcements ensues and drowns out everything else for the best part of June, here’s a heads up about another big date in the calendar to look forward to in two weeks’ time: BIG 2018.

BIG, a festival dedicated largely to indie games, is Latin America’s biggest game conference and has been taking place since 2012 in São Paulo. Gaming is increasingly an international industry, but few areas of the world are more important for gaming, and more neglected by Anglophones, than Latin America. Brazil is Latin America’s biggest gaming hub, and in some gaming-related rankings such as number of Esports viewers, it ranks in the top 5 countries in the world.

The festival plays host to tens of thousands of attendees – over 20,000 attended last year and this year’s attendance figures are expected to be even higher. People attend the conference to play previews of new games, as well as to listen to lectures and, in the case of developers, to network. One of the centerpieces of the conference is the announcement of the winner of the BIG independent video game award, with a first prize of $24,000 this year. It is aimed to provide an incentive to the best up and coming developers.

There will be many different aspects of gaming and types of games focused on in the conference, from music to animation to VR and AR. You can check out the full schedule for lectures and events at the BIG 2018 website. Entry to many parts of the festival is free of charge so if you happen to be in or near São Paulo then be sure to head along from 27th June to 30th. If you can’t attend, then you can follow the festival on Twitter to find out, among other things, who will win the coveted indie game prize: nominees for Best Game include Dead Cells and Cultist Simulator, as well as local games such as Galaxy of Pen and Paper.