Rise of Insanity now on Xbox One

Spook yourself silly.

Red Limb Studio have announced that Rise of Insanity has now been released on Xbox One, and will also be released on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Q3 2018.

This first-person psychological horror game was inspired by classics of the genre, such as The Shining, The Exorcist and Silent hill. Krzysztof Sonata of Red Limb Studio states: “The human mind can really be a container of horrors when we let our fears and monsters linger inside. In this game we also wanted to represent mental illness in some original ways, and let you literally ‘fly’ through the hidden paths of consciousness.”

While the idea of ‘representing mental illness’ in ‘original ways’ sounds slightly worrying, Rise of Insanity looks to be an interesting look into the darker parts of the human mind.

Rise of Insanity is out now on Steam and Xbox One.