Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Leif’s Adventure is an upcoming action platformer inspired by Norse mythology.

The Netherworld, as the saying goes, is easy to get to, but not so easy to return from alive! Take on the role of hardy axe-wielding Norseman Leif and his friend on a journey into the depths of a world where the tread of mortal feet was never meant to be heard, and you will enter into a beautiful action platformer that is chock full of combat, cooperation and problem solving.

In Leif’s Adventure, you have the chance to experience 6 unique worlds full of enemies, including giant bosses inspired by Norse myth with creatures such as trolls to battle, as well as puzzles which must be solved. The visuals look very impressive, especially considering the backgrounds are all hand-painted by solo studio One Man On Mars, who is based in Hamburg, Germany.

This action adventure sidescroller features offline co-op play in addition to its single player mode. There are exchangeable weapons catering to different combat styles. It will also come with HD Rumble support.

The game will release initially on Switch in the near future, but later releases on other major platforms are planned for later this year. If it piques your interest, then be sure to follow the game’s progress on its Youtube channel where there are regular updates in the form of developer vlogs.