Elea receives major update in Early Access

Intriguing sci-fi gets an early access update.

Elea received its sixth major update last Friday. The game has been in early access on Steam since end of April, creating a whole bunch of useful feedback from the community and previewers for the developers to mull over.

The developers have taken the feedback pretty seriously and have implemented several significant improvements, as well as hundreds of bug fixes, to improve the flow, clarity and appearance of the game. The final version of the first episode is releasing this summer for Xbox One and Steam®.

In the first episode players can experience the surreal story of this episodic first-person Sci-Fi adventure. You are cast as a space scientist recovering your lost husband, who has, along with his ship, mysteriously disappeared.

Venture out on a curious interstellar journey in Elea’s first episode, which is sure to keep improving the longer it stays in early access. You can purchase Elea now on Steam.