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InnoGames celebrates Tribal Wars’ 15th Birthday

The online strategy game is still going strong.

Originally created by brothers Hendrik and Eike Klindworth and their best friend Michael Zillmer, Tribal Wars became a modern classic of the browser game genre in 2003.

Today, Tribal Wars is also playable on iOS and Android devices, with more than 300,000 active players in May 2018 and a lifetime revenue of over 110 million euros. The online strategy game has gone from a hobby project to a milestone in InnoGames’ corporate history.

With its large-scale marketing campaign, “It is love, not just a game”, and in-game events, InnoGames celebrates the 15th birthday of this unique online success story in the above video.

From June to September, the international marketing campaign will tell us the lasting impact Tribal Wars has on the lives of many players in video and display advertising. Doesn’t that sound lovely?