Hunt-Showdown (1)

Hunt Showdown Update 2 is live today

Bringing new features, improvements and equipment to the game.

Crytek has today released Update 2 for their early access multiplayer bounty hunting game, Hunt Showdown. The update is bringing a great number of new features, equipment and improvements to the core game, that many of which were requested specifically by the Hunt community. The biggest feature however is actually a boost mechanic designed to help those willing to risk taking down the boss monster rather than waiting for someone else to do the dirty work and trying to steal their prize. Whoever kills the boss monster will receive a temporary boost to their Dark Sight, allowing them to locate other Hunters on the map for a short time and give them a fighting chance to win the match.

More additions that were also requested by the community which are being added with this recent patch include: a death screen, the ability to add a fellow in-game Hunter as a friend in the main menu or in the pause menu during the match, the ability to collect ammo or consumables from dead Hunters, and the addition of Hunt theme music to the game menu. On top of that, players can now also find new weapons and tools such as a bear trap, hive bomb and a flare pistol, as well as the Beastface trait—which makes animals on the map less likely to react to you and give away your location. Finally, Crytek have also added the Tomahawk trait, which gives Hunters the ability to throw the axe and sledgehammer.

Basic optimisation improvements have also been included, which of course will make the game run a lot more smoothly. If you are interested in checking out the update or just looking to pick up the game in general. You can find it apart of the current Steam Summer sale on the Hunt Showdown Steam page at 20% off for £20.79 / $23.99