Summer Games Done Quick

Charity speedrun fest Summer Games Done Quick kicks off

This week sees speedrun marathon in aid of medical charity MSF.

Summer Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick 2018 kicked off this weekend in Bloomington, Minnesota. Hosted in the Hilton Double Tree and broadcasting live on Twitch from now until next Saturday, the event will run continously day and night for one week, during which over 100 gamers will each play through a game of their choosing as fast as they can.

The event is organised by Games Done Quick, a gaming-themed charity organisation which has hosted previous events of a similar type, for the benefit of causes including the Organization for Autism Research, CARE and others. This Summer however, the event will be raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), a vital charity which funds doctors working in a variety of countries where people struggle to access healthcare due to war, disaster or epidemics.

There’s a variety of games on show, from Triple As to retro classics to relative unknowns. Some of the many indie titles featuring are:


Monday 25th June

Soft Body


Tuesday 26th June

Axiom Verge 

Penumbra Overture

Saturday 30th June




For a full schedule for Summer Games Done Quick 2018, including times and names of the speedrunners, head over to the schedule page of the Games Done Quick website. Oh, and of course, do consider donating to the cause! You can make your contribution on this webpage by clicking the big green button, with all donations going directly to the charity.