The Nameless Chronicles

Anima: GOM – The Nameless Chronicles releases on Switch

Action RPG hits Nintendo store as standalone and in Arcane Edition Bundle.

The Nameless Chronicles

Following the launch of the game on Steam last week, the short wait is now over for Switch owners who want to get hold of Anima: GOM – The Nameless Chronicles, the sequel to the original Anima: GOM (Gate of Memories) which came out in 2016.

For the uninitiated, the Anima universe originated as a Spanish tabletop RPG in the mid-2000s and was well-received, gathering a lot of fans for its inventive mixture of Eastern and Western fantasy elements. Two years ago, Anima: Gate of Memories brought the action into the virtual world in the form of an Action RPG. And now, Anima: GOM – The Nameless Chronicles takes the player over to what was originally the enemy side, exploring the backstory of Nameless, a shadowy immortal figure who has appeared in various guises through history and is on a mission to find a meaning for his life.

The gameplay of The Nameless Chronicles, inspired by classics such as Devil May Cry, features plenty of hack-and-slash action with fearsome bosses to defeat, with the help of a variety of magical abilities. The player gathers experience points along the way which increase their skill levels. The flashy visuals are created with a mixture of toon shading and realistic 3D environments.

For players who missed the first Anima: GOM, good news! In addition to the Nameless Chronicles launch, there is also a bundle in the Nintendo eShop called the Arcane Edition, which includes both the original and the sequel. The Nameless Chronicles is designed to be an independent standalone title in terms of its story, but it does still contain a lot of nods to its predecessor such as recognisable characters and other elements, and expands the story of the wider Anima universe.

This game has been developed by Anima Project and was published by Badland Games. If it tickles your fancy, then you can find the official page of the Switch version of Anima: GOM – The Namless Chronicles on the Nintendo website.