Orange Cast gets Summer trailer

Upcoming futuristic Action RPG Orange Cast gets new gameplay trailer.

Orange Cast is an upcoming Action RPG which will combine Soviet and Western sci-fi to create a futuristic shooter, inspired by games such as Mass Effect. Although the game is still in development, the devs have seen fit to bestow a new trailer on us, and it looks stunning.

Orange Cast is set in a future where humans have become a multi-planetary species with colonies existing throughout the galaxy. However a few years before the game begins, there was a catastrophic energy crisis which led to many of the colonies collapsing and descending into war.

There is now a complex battle raging between major corporations, colonies and other groups as a result of the power vacuum, with interplanetary peacekeepers being sent in to try and stabilise the situation. In an obscure corner of the galaxy known as the Atrium Gate system, lies the planet Sion, which comes under attack from a mysterious organisation, forcing the small group of peacekeepers to flee.

The gameplay will take the form of leading a main character and his team on patrols around the planets of this frontier zone, touching down on various types of open world planet which you can explore at your leisure as well as taking part in the main story missions, all the while battling enemies from robots to drones to aggressive alien beasts.

This game is being developed by Team Rez, a Russian indie studio, and although it may be a way off release it looks very promising. You can follow progress at the Orange Cast Twitter page here. PS, for those of you who don’t speak Russian and didn’t already notice, the trailer has English captions!