How blockchain could affect the future of indie gaming

Blockchain gaming could shape the future of e-sports for the better.

Currently the link relationship between blockchain and gaming is still arguably in it’s infancy. There’s CryptoKitties, which is less of a game and more of a trading platform, and games such as Spells Of Genesis, a card collection game where levelled up cards can be traded for currency.

Jon Jordan from blockchaingamer.biz at Develop conference, Brighton, stated:

“By 2020, blockchain gaming will be largely PC-driven, more complex games, with a hundred thousand daily active users, and will involve trading and esports.”

With indie games increasingly featuring on the e-sports scene, such as Rocket League and Brawlhalla, it’s possible blockchain will find it’s way into indie gaming. Jordan argues that “e-sports is a problem looking for a solution. There is an opportunity for blockchain to find the sweet spot between value and monetisation, and can bring social cohesion and status to e-sports, something which it is lacking in currently.”

Jordan also believes that toxic behaviour in e-sports could also be improved with blockchain. “It can create value and more prestige in the game. E-sports communities can improve behaviour by building relationships between players.”

The future of the crypto currency platforms is far from certain, however, and there isn’t as yet an set currency. With 14 tokens losing an average of 70% value this year, Jordan estimates that a full ecosystem enjoying a million daily active users isn’t likely until 2023.