Mike Bithell reveals the reason behind his contradictory game names

Most recently it was just to troll fellow developer and public speaker Rami Ismail.

Ever wondered why Thomas Was Alone is a game about Thomas not being alone? Or why Volume is a game about being quiet? How about the fact that Subsurface Circular takes place in a rectangular subway system? Well, Mike Bithell recently shed some light on the situation during a keynote talk with Rami Ismail at Develop Brighton.

“Mike and I have a thing where I don’t like the way Mike names his games,” said Ismail.

After Ismail jokingly pointed out that all of Bithell’s games are the complete opposite of what the title would suggest, Bithell went on to reveal that although with previous games it had been unintentional he had, in fact, with his most recent game had a purpose.

“This is 100% true, Subsurface Circular was the point where I started deliberately naming my games in this way, so at this point, every game I make is intentionally broken in this way just to troll him [Ismail],” said Bithell.

The whole interaction was quite tongue in cheek and drew a wave of laughter from the crowd. If Bithell was being serious though we may see more of his studio’s games named just to annoy Ismail, which is a hilarious prospect.

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