ZIQ dashes onto PC and Mac this August

Fly through unforgiving stages in abstract sci-fi levels!

ZIQ, the frenetic, sci-fi arcade runner from Midnight Sea and 3D Realms, dodges, dashes and leaps onto PC and Mac on August 1st, 2018! A massive planet-sized AI designated as Swarm harbors a deep hatred for organic life. Humankind created and subsequently tried to destroy Swarm, and now the AI believes that his only chance at survival is the complete subjugation of all living beings. As he drifts across the universe, he rebuilds himself using nanites to run constant tests. The prototype Z series IQ (also know as ZIQ) has to do Swarm’s bidding through countless experiments as the merciless AI taunts him.

Crafty players can collect charge cores to complete a sequence for extra points. If these sequences are chained together seven times ZIQ becomes Overcharged and can destroy those pesky polarity traps for additional points by opposing their polarity. Nabbing pickups at just the right time (usually ranging from good to perfect) grants you even more points. Climb up the global leaderboard on the pile of nanites left behind with each excruciating death!

If you are interested in checking out the game when it launches next month, be sure to stop by ZIQ Steam page where you can find it for $9.99.