No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky gets huge multiplayer update

Xbox release and update coming soon, including new multiplayer mode.

At first glance at the trailer above, it’s clear that graphically there are big improvements in No Man’s Sky latest NEXT patch. Many of the textures have been improved in the terrain generation system. The visuals in space have also been improved upon, as well as those of ships and NPCs. But that’s only the start of the changes in the patch.

Now players can team up in small groups and embark on quests together, as well as other activities such as exploration and combat. Excitingly, though perhaps delivered quite late, players can now bump into one another across the universe and interact in a friendly manner, or otherwise. Also coming to multiplayer is the ability to fight as a pirate or wingman in space battles with your friends, or even race across weird alien terrains, create race tracks and share these online.

No Man's Sky

Base building has also received a much needed improvement, as you’re now no longer as restricted in the number of basses you can own across multiple planets. A variety of new parts have been added to the game, increasing the diversity of base building. Much bigger bases can now be built, allowing for dramatically increased complexity. You’re also now able to build and upgrade a fleet of frigates, and command them, from the comfort of your freighter’s bridge. Your friends can also be invite aboard to take part in challenging multiplayer missions. The trailer also briefly teases at an underwater base.

The game is launching on Xbox One on the 24th of July, and with it, the NEXT update will be included, as well as hitting the PS4 and Steam versions of No Man’s Sky.