Guts and Glory crash lands onto all platforms

Stunt riding sim Guts and Glory is available now on all major platforms.

After three years in development by solo operation HakJak Productions, Guts and Glory version 1.0 is finally fresh out the oven and ready to play. Be warned though, the stunts on display in this game are definitely NOT ones to be tried at home!

Guts and Glory is a game full of dangerous stunts, in which ordinary people risk life and limb to overcome obstacles, fire, explosions and more, all in the hope of getting to the finish line in one piece. A quick heads-up, though: your chances of ending up in considerably more than one piece are pretty high! You can expect to see arms and legs flying in all directions if and when your stunt attempt goes wrong and you bail horribly, launching yourself and any of your unfortunate passengers to an early demise.

You can choose from a whole lot of different vehicles in Guts and Glory: bicycles, cars, trucks, motorbikes, quads, or even a humble skateboard, and use them to act out stunts that would make the craziest Youtube fail compilation video look pretty tame in comparison. You will have to contend not only with obstacles, but also people and animals actively trying to kill you, including some rather fearsome crossbow-wielding kangaroos.

Guts and Glory’s beta versions benefitted from a lot of helpful, if zany, community input, which filled up the game with a wide, weird and wonderful selection of hair-raising stunt possibilities. The producer is working on some additional unimplemented ideas, however, and so players can expect to see even more content added later on.

The game, thanks to veteran indie publishers tinyBuild (whose former game-signing guru, Mike Rose, we just interviewed on TIGW), is being released on all major platforms, namely (deep breath…) Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac and also Linux.