Wild West city builder Depraved is out now

Build up your cowboy colony into a prosperous town in this Wild West citybuilder.


Enjoying the second season of Westworld, and desperate to get a taste of the action yourself before Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out in the Autumn? Then good news! Depraved is a new citybuilder game set in the Wild West, in which your aim is simple: to build up your frontier outpost into a thriving, safe and prosperous town. Sounds easy?

Not so fast! As we explained in our previous article on Depraved, this game is not just a citybuilder but also has a strong element of survival, so you’ll have to contend with brutal weather in the changing cycle of seasons from Summer heat to Winter rains, as well as all the hazards you’d expect in the Wild West such as bandits, hostile tribes, and a variety of wild animals.

Depraved is a German indie game produced by Evil Bite studios. It’s been getting some really great early reviews, praising its stability and visuals as well as the attention it pays to small details, with comparisons being made to popular historical citybuilders such as Banished. If it tickles your interest, then you can grab this Early Access game while it’s hot (and on a -10% reduction) on Steam now.