Top-down rogue-like shooter Enlightenment released

Check out this post-apocalyptic, top-down, rogue-like shooter, Enlightenment, for PC

Chinese indie studio Coconut Island Games and Lizard King announced today the release of their post-apocalyptic, top-down, rogue-like shooter, Enlightenment, for PC. With thrilling gameplay and an interesting story, this new addition to the genre promises an innovative experience.

Enlightenment makes players delve into the unknown after an asteroid hits the Earth and attracts many factions to harvest its hidden powers. After a twisted cult takes over the Ark, an underground dungeon, players will choose one of many heroes and tackle the challenge of uncovering the truth.

Dodging, hacking, slashing, shooting and rolling are key elements of this top-down exciting game that procedurally generates its scenarios. Discover new guns and use them to your advantage to progress through this dark reality.


Users will have to avoid getting killed, as permadeath features are present in Enlightenment, although boosts and powerups unlocked will remain in their inventory for the next playthrough. During its beta phase, this game received mostly positive reviews through its Steam page.

Among the negative aspects found by beta testers were some translation issues, bugs and lack of options. It’s still to be determined if this full release has solved these problems.

As for Coconut Games, they have been at the top of the Chinese indie scene for a while now, being also involved in the organization of China’s biggest indie games community conference, IndieACE. The studio is integrated by industry veterans coming from big fish corporations like Konami and Autodesk. As for Lizard King, they are a seven-person tiny studio founded in 2015, being Enlightenment their first ever game.

The game is out now on Windows PC via Steam for $8.99, after a 25% off discount available for one week starting today.