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Puzzlebox adventure Edgar announced for PC

Help Edgar face his fears in this puzzler.

Today the French indie studio La Poule Noire unveiled their debut title ahead of its first publicly playable outing at gamescom. The narrative driven sandbox puzzle adventure game revolves around Edgar, an ageing outcast who is forced to reconnect with the world after his farm runs into crisis.

Edgar will be coming to PC, offering a puzzlebox that allows players to freely solve puzzles as Edgar, a hermit who was raised with twisted beliefs made from false rumours. He is content with life on his peaceful farm, but when a crisis occurs he is forced to face his biggest fear; interacting with the people of the little town of Balzac, who are just as eccentric as him.

The game will be playable for the first time at this years gamescom, where we are sure to find out a lot more about the man and his chickens. For now La Poule Noire have released a teaser trailer, and from the interesting art style, we can tell this will be one to watch.