King of the World gets major content update

Indie RTS gets an overhaul with a slew of exciting new content. 

King of the World

King of the World is an RTS inspired by the boardgame Risk, which has you battling for control of a lush map including Europe and the Mediterranean, not with counters but with your very own 3D armies. Choosing from the single player campaigns or the multiplayer mode, you can forge an empire and write yourself into the history books as the greatest conqueror that ever lived.

In King of the World, the last man standing gets the glory, with 12 factions battling it out in multiplayer (which can be human players or bots). There is naval combat as well as land, and each region of the map has its own distinctive architecture and military styles. Although the gameplay is relatively simple, there are different ways to play, from strategic diplomacy to simply conquering more and more regions and then using their resources to steamroll your enemies into the dust. If you get tired of swords and spears then there’s also a map where you can play with droids in a futuristic version of Manhattan.

The new update sees a host of changes, primarily in three main areas. The first is the single player campaign, which now has all of its six planned chapters. There has also been a graphical overhaul with the models and UI all massively improved. And last but not least, the multiplayer mode has been altered, with a dedicated server added. As a result the multiplayer now allows for matchmaking, which should considerably improve the experience.

The reviews since the game was released late last year were very positive, and many of the criticisms have been fixed in the new update. The game is still in early access and there are more improvements to be added for the final version which developers Contec Games say should be ready in a few months’ time. You can buy King of the World on Steam.