Gimme a Brick

Gimme a Brick drops onto mobile platforms

Drop bricks, outrun hordes of zombies, and save the world in this original game.

Gimme a Brick

Zombies are on the prowl, and if you value your life then you’d better get your running shoes on and grab your gun, and make liberal use of both of those things, until you can finally escape your predicament. So far, so typical for a zombie apocalypse game.

But in Gimme a Brick things are a little different from most games. In the event of an outbreak of zombie-ism, or any kind of cataclysmic end-of-days scenario, it’s not what you know but who you know that matters in keeping you alive. Fortunately for the protagonist in Gimme a Brick who finds himself atop a partially constructed wall, it would seem that his crane operator and helicopter pilot friends have agreed to assist him by laying out new stretches of the wall in front of where he is running to enable his escape. It’s an interesting concept which allows for strategic and creative gameplay.

The player in Gimme a Brick has a variety of weapon types and special abilities which can be bought as the game progresses. You will of course spend a lot of time running from or killing your vicious undead enemies, but you must also pick up other survivors along the way. There are four different main characters to choose from and all have a different set of skills allowing for different playing styles.

Gimme a Brick, which is currently available only on iOS and Android, is a debut indie title brought to you by Dragon Ascending Entertainment, a two-man studio from Germany. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? You can grab it on the App Store here.


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