La-Mulana 2

Metroidvania La-Mulana 2 released today

Explore mystery-riddled ruins in a beautiful pixel-art-stylized world.

La-Mulana 2

Indie publisher, PLAYISM announced today that long awaited sequel La-Mulana 2 released today on Steam, Humble Store and GOG!

The Metroidvania-style platformer puts you into the shoes of the daughter of the lone archaeologist who discovered the mystery of the first game in what developers, NIGORO describe as an ‘archaeological ruin exploration action game’. Explore sprawling, ancient ruins, solve mind-boggling mysteries and battle terrible enemies in your bid to uncover the secrets of this lost civilisation.

It’s been five years since your father exposed the truth behind the La-Mulana ruins, said to have been the origin of all civilisations. After monsters begin emerging from the depths of the site again, after it was thought they’d been destroyed in the first incursion, it’s time to head back into the lost city to find the truth.

This detailed and beautiful pixel-art-styled world hides vicious traps and devious puzzles to hamper your progress, but that’s not all that awaits you in the ruins. Tough enemies will stand in your way at every turn, but you’ve come well equipped. With seven main weapons and over ten sub-weapons at your disposal the creatures of the depths won’t know what’s hit them.

La-Mulana 2 released today on Steam, Humble Store and GOG.