No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky pilot offers reward for missing ship

There’s a 200 million unit reward for the lucky explorer who finds it. 

No Man's Sky

In a post on Reddit user Avaslash offered a whopping 200 million units to the pilot who finds a similar ship to the one they lost, which looks like this. Once found the ship hunter is to take a note of the coordinates and capture a screenshot of the prize vessel so it can be conformed as authentic. They also stipulated a possible bonus of 20 million units for a specific design configuration, and 50 million more for successful completion within 2 weeks starting from 29 July.
“I really just want my ship back. I’m not trying to scam anyone,” says Avaslash in the post. “I have no problem paying out the nose for it. I don’t expect anyone to actively hunt for it. Just if you happen to see it while exploring, I’m hoping you’ll remember me and contact me.”

The Next update for No Man’s Sky added multiplayer for the first time since launch, making a coordinated system wide search like this possible. Unfortunately, the update also changed many player’s game state, altering the planets they were on and, as in Avaslash’s case, updating their ships.

So, if you’re interested in getting space rich to take full advantage of all the new content the Next update as added you might want to keep your eyes peeled.