Grimmwood celebrates Steam release with new trailer

After its open beta period, multiplayer co-op Grimmwood is now available to buy on Steam.

Grimmwood is an online co-op game where the aim is to survive an onslaught of monsters while holed up in a village in the middle of a dark and mysterious forest. Every day, you and a group of other players will have to prepare resources and weapons, and every night you will come under attack from the denizens of the forest.  Each member of the team has their own skills, strengths and weaknesses which will help you withstand your nightmarish enemies.

As we reported last month on TIGW, Grimmwood has had an open beta out on Steam, which it has been using to develop the game based on comments from players. The inspiration came partly from zombie survival game Die2Nite which has a similar focus on community co-operation. Grimmwood mixes elements of various game types, from MMO (there are up to 40 human players in each village) to strategy to roguelike to create a unique experience.

Grimmwood is not a quick and easy game, with the real-time 24 hour cycle making for a very slow pace – unless you opt for the blitz mode where a day lasts 15 minutes. There are many difficult decisions to be made, with each player having a limited amount of stamina and resources which you must deploy wisely. The forest is procedurally generated and very large, and there’s an emphasis on chatroom-style interaction where you must decide on the best course of action, and social gameplay where players who mess around and don’t pull their weight can be expelled.

This game, a joint effort by Headup Games and Big Moustache Games, is available now on Steam, where it’s on a 10% reduction until August 9th. It has received many positive reviews for its slow pace and strategic playstyle as well as its uniqueness, although certain players have been put off by the difficulty. Grimmwood will test you to the limit, but survive against the odds and you might just make some new friends.