Supernatural point and click adventure Unavowed out on PC

Wadjet Eye Games promises an urban fantasy story with amazing pixel-art graphics. 

Brooklyn based indie studio Wadjet Eye Games announced today the full release of their supernatural, urban point and click adventure game with RPG elements called Unavowed. This title is available as of today on PC through Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle.

Unavowed is a pixel-art, point and click adventure with RPG elements that tells the story of a man possessed and used by a demon to commit a series of violent crimes through New York. After regaining control of his life he now faces an investigation that points clearly in his direction. A mysterious group of people called the Unavowed offer him their help facing this new reality.

“You have no home, no friends, and are wanted by the police. Your old life is gone, but perhaps you can start a new one. Join the ranks of the Unavowed, and fight against the oncoming darkness.”, reads the game’s description on Steam.


Unavowed looks like a game inspired in old point and click gems like The Dig and Full Throttle, and more modern pixel-art productions like Gemini Rue. With some RPG elements like character customization, party formation choices and decision making, Unavowed promises a pretty complete experience for fans of these genres.

Through its launch press release, Wadjet Eye Games enumerated some of the game’s main features:

  • Shape your hero: Name the playable character, choose their gender, and pick from three origin stories to customize the protagonist. Variations in backstories and personalities provides replay value.
  • Choose your party: Select two out of four companions to join you on missions across the boroughs of New York City. Each member of the Unavowed has unique skills, providing different solutions to the obstacles you’ll encounter. (But no matter who’s with you, every puzzle has a solution – there are no dead ends!)
  • Follow your conscience: Difficult choices await. In Unavowed’s subtly branching storyline, your decisions could come back to help you… or haunt you.

Unavowed is now available for Windows and Mac, priced at $14.99 USD. The game is on sale for $13.49 (10% off) for the first week, from Steam, GOG, and directly from Wadjet Eye.