Dad Quest

Dad Quest Chapter 3 out today

The ultimate version of Dad Quest has arrived!

Developer Sundae Month, in collaboration with Excalibur Games is happy to announce that the release of Dad Quest Chapter 3 has officially pushed it into full release! Blending story-based 2D platforming with a unique brand of comedy, Dad Quest is set within a universe where children are indestructible weapons, ready to be hurled towards enemies. Dads strive to raise their child by teaching them new combat skills using a variety of deadly toys to defeat their foes.

Meet other Dads, vanquish enemies, pay off debts and engage in deadly combat via sanctioned arena fights. Embark on the Dadventure of a lifetime! In this universe the word ‘Dad’ is not gender specific and is a title taken by those who love their children. In this universe, children are indestructible, they do not feel pain and they do not grow old in the traditional sense. The Dad must raise the Child in the best way they can to achieve the status of a ‘good dad’.

With Chapter 3 of Dad Quest, there is plenty of content to get your teeth into, including:

·  4 new areas

·  5 new bosses

·  10+ new enemies

·  Tons of new combat abilities

·  New quests

·  New outfits

If you are interested in picking up Dad Quest for yourself, be sure to head over to the Steam page where it is currently 40% off for one week at $7.83 / £6.21.