Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator on Nintendo Switch confirmed

An ambulance-styled booth arrived on Gamescom for hands-on tasting.

Among the many announcements and releases at this year’s Gamescom, award-winning indie developers and publishers at Bossa Studios confirmed that their critically acclaimed Surgeon Simulator will be getting a Nintendo Switch port, with a launch date set for Autumn.

Originally released for PC back in 2013, this operation sim has since been ported to Playstation 4, Playstation VR and iOS. London and Seattle based Bossa Studios protagonized a controversial charity campaign this year when President of the United States, Donald Trump, visited the United Kingdom. Under the slogan “Give Trump The Finger”, this indie studio donated 10% of all sales revenue during that political visit to charity.

Surgeon Simulator

At this year’s Gamescom, Bossa Studios set up an “ambulance-styled” booth featuring a hands-on demo of their Nintendo Switch version of Surgeon Simulator. Attendants will be able to enjoy the game in full force: with motion controls, HD Rumble and local co-op play.

Surgeon Simulator is a not-so-serious surgeon simulation, where players have to wrestle with impossibly silly controls while carrying out life-endangering procedures.

Surgeon Simulator first launched on Steam way back in 2013, and has been a surgical success since, receiving over 10,000 very positive reviews, where it’s priced at £6.99 / €9.99 / $9.99. Now we know that its Switch Version is well on the way and will be arriving this autumn. Anyone present at this year’s Gamescom can visit the ambulance booth and try it out.