Lost Ember

Lost Ember wins Indie Award at Gamescom 2018

2019 will let you possess animals and discover a tale about the downfall of mankind.

German based Mooneye Studios proudly announced today that their upcoming animal-possessing adventure game Lost Ember has been prized with the Indie Award at this year’s ongoing Gamescom. WIth a planned release date for Spring 2019, this kind of animal walking simulator mixed with the feeling from Journey is already dropping many jaws.

Lost Ember’s teaser trailer released back in 2016 showed us a beautiful world where it looks like players will take control of a small spark of life, represented with an ember, as it possesses different kinds of animals throughout a vast world, exploring sky, land and water with seamless freedom. Its promise has already harvested many awards, including the Indie Award in this year’s Gamescom.

While the objective of the game is not yet clear, what we do know from the words of the developers themselves, is that Lost Ember focuses its narrative on a “captivating story about the downfall of mankind”. And what transpires from the game’s trailer is what the animal kingdom represents: freedom, respect for the environment and pure life.

Lost Ember

“This year’s gamescom was incredibly exciting for us. We had our own booth for the first time ever, welcomed thousands of fans to play our newest demo and had a massive line at our wheel of fortune as well. We thought we could not be happier with this year’s gamescom, when we won the gamescom Indie award. Considering how many excellent indie games this year’s convention had to offer, it was almost hard to believe that we’d be the ones taking home the award. We’re so thankful for an all around wonderful experience at gamescom 2018.” says Tobias Graff, CEO of Mooneye Studios.

As the devs explained through its latest press release, Lost Embers will contain the following main features:

  • Unique mechanic that lets you play any animal and see the world through their eyes
  • 15 playable animals
  • Unique art style with stunning graphics

Whether it lives up to the hype or not, what we can say is that Lost Ember’s teaser trailer is absolutely gorgeous and stunning in its visuals, style and music score. The game will be available Spring 2019 for PS4, PC and XBoxOne. The team also confirmed that they’re looking into a possible release for Nintendo Switch, potentially after initial release.