Green Hell

Hardcore survival game Green Hell out on Early Access

Dive into the Amazonian forest and test your survival skills as you uncover a dark backstory. 

Polish indie studio Creepy Jar has announced today the release of their hardcore mind-challenging first person survival title Green Hell on to its Early Access stage. Set in the depths of the Amazonian forest, players will uncover a dark story while they struggle to survive with their bare hands on an unforgiving environment.

As like with many Poland based indie game studios right now, Creepy Jar has one theme on which it specializes, and in this case its the survival genre with dark tones and aiming to “awake your primal insticts”, as the studio writes in its official website.

Green Hell looks very much like The Forest: a sandbox hardcore survival game where players find themselves trapped in a closed environment and need to quickly learn the ropes of crafting, hunting and keeping themselves healthy. The comparisson grows stronger as we learn that Green Hell also has a dark backstory that’s ready for players to discover as they progress in the game.

Green Hell

“Green Hell is a survival simulator set in a unique explorable open world of the Amazon Rainforest. The goal of the player is to survive in this harsh and uncharted environment. To achieve this, they must learn survival techniques and manage the available resources. The game faithfully recreates the dangerous conditions of the Amazon Jungle. The player will have to face their own weaknesses, as well as hunger, thirst, fatigue, wild animal attacks, tropical diseases and deteriorating mental health.”, reads Creep Jar’s website.

There seems to be a mental health element also present at Green Hell’s core, with a main protagonist that, by the looks of what we’ve seen in the trailer, gets more and more insane with each passing day in solitude. It appears that the only contact we’ll have with the outside world is a little radio that will slowly hint new pieces of the story and how we got here in the first place.

The game has entered today its Early Access stage and can be purchased at a price tag of USD $19.99 through Steam.