Exploding MOBA Switchblade enters Early Access

A 5v5 arena-style futuristic vehicle combat game with MOBA and base defense elements.

Liverpool based veteran-founded indie studio Lucid Games informed today that their sci-fi vechicle-based strategic MOBA game, Switchblade, has officially entered its Early Access stage on PC and Playstation 4. Interested players can start playing this team-based destruction derby and base defense title as of today.

A match of Switchblade consists of two teams of 5 players face each other armed with sci-fi, futuristic combat vehicles in order to make their enemies explode and take their towers down, with a wide range of tactical and play style choices for every type of gamer.

“We can’t thank our amazing community enough for their incredible support so far. We consider them an extended part of the dev team and look forward to more players joining us, as we continue to shape Switchblade with their feedback during this exciting stage of development”, said recently Craig Howard, Creative Director at Lucid Games.


Through Switchblade’s recently launched Early Access trailer we can see heavily armed tank-style vehicles facing each other and making use of shields, different types of guns, turrets and missiles in an arena-styled environment, featuring a roaring crowd in a stadium.

The basic founder’s pack for players looking to support Shitchblade through its Early Access stage includes:

  • 16 Vehicles (plus All Future Vehicles)
  • 16 Exclusive Founders Vehicle Skins
  • 3 Day Battle Points (soft Currency) Boost
  • 500 Bit Cash (hard Currency)

In addition to the above, all PS Plus subscribers will also gain access to a special V.I.P. pack, which includes the following:

  • Exclusive Fortress V.I.P. skin
  • Exclusive Mob BuddyV.I.P. skin
  • Exclusive Flaming Blade V.I.P. skin
  • Exclusive Sniper Prince V.I.P. skin
  • Exclusive Healing Hippo V.I.P. skin
  • Exclusive Sidewinder V.I.P. skin

If you’re interested in Switchblade you can pick the founder’s pack up for USD $15.99 with regional discounts available for a limited time.