Squids Odyssey released on Steam

A great inky journey.

French indie game studio The Game Bakers, creators of Furi and a fantastic studio name, have released their classic tactical RPG Squids Odyssey on Steam. Aiming to be a cute and tricky jaunt for family and hardcore gamers alike, we’re hoping this one has a good start.

Squids Odyssey follows the adventures of a band of unlikely Squid heroes fighting to save their underwater kingdom from a murky black ooze. The Squids engage in battles against their oily enemies using their heads. But the game is not just about pretty cartoon art, jaunty music and humorous storytelling. The battles also provide a deep sea challenge as strategy and skill are required to use the environment and the Squids’ abilities to lead the team to victory.

Creative Director of the game Emetic Thoa said, “Squids has been sometimes overlooked as a family / kid only game, but it’s a RPG with tons of content and real challenge. There’s even a Pro Mode for the hardcore players”

With more than 90 levels, 3 chapters of the story, 15 heroes to recruit, the new version offers more than 15 hours of play, even without the Pro Mode.

Key features of Squids Odyssey include:

  • A challenging tactical RPG: hero classes, stat-boosting helmets, power-ups and the environment add a strategic element to the role-playing gameplay.
  • Build your party from 15 Squids in 4 classes: shooters, scouts, troopers, and healers, and boost their abilities with 65+ barmy helmets.
  • Engage in 90+ missions for more than 15 hours of gameplay
  • An expert Pro Mode, with completely redesigned missions, doubles the challenge and the game length!
  • Battle your way through Greek citadels, tropical coral reefs, old West inspired towns and Japanese temples to save your underwater world!
  • Includes all content previously released in the Squids series with tons of improvement and tweaks.
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.
  • 2 million players have enjoyed the game on the different platforms.

Squids Odyssey is available now on Steam for €/$ 14.99 or £13.49.