Japanese industry veterans join in new studio Too Kyo

Too Kyo Games has Zero Escape and Danganronpa’s developers working in brand new projects.

Too Kyo Games

Seven Japanese industry veterans have teamed up for the creation of a brand new and very promising new indie studio called Too Kyo Games. Among their ranks are featured the creators of popular franchises like Zero Escape and Danganronpa.

Through a Youtube live stream, these seven brand new members of Too Kyo Games announced their joint efforts and gave us a glimpse of some of their upcoming projects, alongside an anime production they’ll be working on as well.

Too Kyo Games

“The object of this company is to do something new, which is the creation of a new IP commonly known all over the world and in a future we will make indie games by ourselves. This new company enables us to move freely towards the goal,” said Director and Scenario writer at Too Kyo Games, Kazutaka Kodaka, previously known for his work in Danganronpa.

Three brand new games concept art were shown during this presentation, one of them having been described by these group of industry veterans as “shocking”, while just revealing that its storyline revolves around a group of school students playing game about death.

The other two new IP’s presented through some concept art images are a cyberpunk-looking story and a last one of which not much can be deduced apart from some shady, noir characters. Lastly, they revealed a brand new anime show they’ll be working in conjunction with Studio Pierrot that has some 70’s pulp-looking references.

Too Kyo Games

The full list of this new studio’s lineup is as follows, reported by media outlet Famitsu:

  • Director / Scenario writer
    Kazutaka Kodaka
    Representative works: “Danganronpa” series
  • Composer / Arranger
    Masafumi Takada
    Representative works: “Danganronpa” series and “100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams”
  • Character designer / Illustrator
    Rui Komatsuzaki
    Representative works: “Danganronpa” series and “Fate/Grand Order”
  • Novelist / Scenario writer
    Yoichiro Koizumi
    Representative works: “Brake-kun core” and “Zettati Zetsubo Hagakure”
  • Illustrator / Character designer
    Representative works: “Danganronpa” series and “Fate/Grand Order”
  • Director / Scenario writer
    Takumi Nakazawa
    Representative works: “Ever17” and “Root Double: Before Crime * After Days”
  • Director / Scenario writer
    Kotaro Uchikoshi
    Representative works: “Ever17” and “ZERO ESCAPE”