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Blood nor Water close to Kickstarter goal

It’s the final countdown.

After three weeks of campaigning, Blood nor Water, a story-driven tactics game, has reached almost $11,000, nearly 90% of their goal. Now they have one week left to raise $1,500. This real-time strategy game from developers Rosae ex Ludis aims to bring the game to PC, Linux, Mac and Nintendo Switch.

In their Kickstarter post the team detail how much work their still is to do on the game. So, for now, details about the gameplay are a little vague. The features we do know about are:

  • Real-Time with Turns: the game will be a hybrid between real-time and turn-based.
  • Control a Team of 4+: Deploy a team of your favorite characters.
  • Rest In Peace: Units that die in battle don’t come back.
  • Commands: Play commands to change the tide of battle.
  • Multiple Factions: Enemy factions will attack one another.
  • Unit Supports: Close friends are stronger while near each other.
  • Customizable Equipment: Total freedom in building a unit.
  • Character Interactions: Characters talk and develop relationships.
  • Hidden Locations: Find hidden areas with rare items and lore.
  • Branching Story: The story branches depending on your choices.
  • Primarily Single-player: Single-player story-driven campaign.
  • Multi-player: Player versus player online matches. (Stretch Goal)

What the team are clear on, is their ethos and ambitions for the Blood nor Water. Understanding that many players feel daunted at the prospect of the real-time strategy genre, Rosae ex Ludis are hoping to add more fluidity to the strategy in their gameplay. They state: ‘We believe that the genre can be better. (…) But strategy games don’t come out very often, and even though we’ve made some major strides, we think we could do more too.’

With admirable ambition, it’s easy to see why so many have backed it already, but it still has a way to go. You can check out Blood nor Water on their Kickstarter page, which will close on Friday the 21st at 11am Central time.