Valeguard out now on PC

One-man studio Lost Tower presents a mix of RTS, city-building and turn-based elements. 

One-man Colorado based indie studio Lost Tower Games announced today the release for PC of its new real-time strategy, city-building title called Valeguard. With a mix of turn-based elements, classic RTS mechanics and a day and night cycle that divides different stages of the game.

Warcraft lovers will appreciate the fact that apart from regular troops and builders, Valeguard features unique heroes with special abilities to aid players during nightfall, when enemies will raid towns and cities, configuring a sort-of-tower-defense system as well as RTS.

Build and reform towns and cities, lead their progress, bring up powerful armies, unlock new heroes and prepare for nightfall and its hordes of enemies that will try to bring you down.


Valeguard looks like a top-down Minecraft-like RTS, especially due to its graphics and aesthetic design, with block-based tiles and a dim colour palette to taint its maps. With some nice looking shadows and mixed elevations, Valeguard delivers a fresh look to the genre.

As Los Tower Games informed in its latest press release, Valeguard features the follwing:

  • Build during the day and defend at night
  • Gather resources, craft weapons, and train troops
  • Trade with merchants and buy items on the black market
  • Build your party of heroes with each successful defense
  • Random events and procedural levels make each play unique
  • Travel from town to town across the map of Vale
  • Build walls, towers, and traps to defend your village
  • Acquire new technologies depending on what towns you visit
  • Unlock new heroes through special events and quests
  • Confront the dark generals in a final epic battle

Valeguard can be picked up right now through Steam and the Humble Store for USD $12.99.