Crashbots comes to Steam next month

Are you ready to crash the party?

Neonchimp, the creators behind the hit mobile game, Crashbots, are happy to announce that they are bringing the game to PC via Steam on October 9th, 2018! For those who may not know, Crashbots put you in control of the latest line of robots as you test their fighting capabilities, agility and endurance in various areas filled with dangerous obstacles, booby raps and enemies. World Mode, the main game mode, has you run to the finish line of each level before your battery runs out. Whereas Endless Mode has you run as far as you can before your energy runs out.

The game itself features 5 different robots, each with its own stats and unique heavy attack. These guys can be upgraded to improve their durability and also fighting power. Additionally, you can unlock new robots by finding all their parts hat are hidden in the various worlds and game modes. With the PC release of the game, Crashbots has under a complete redesign, with improved suitability for PC and with an additional 2 worlds (The Wild West and The Neon City), improved gameplay, mission/goal system and full controller/keyboard support.

If you are interested in checking out the game be sure to head over to the Crashbots Steam page where the game will be available for free!