Prodigy Tactics leaving Steam Early Access soon

The strategy adventure RPG with both single and multiplayer launches this month.

The strategy/adventure turn-based gameplay in Prodigy Tactics is based on the Harmony & Dissonance proprietary system. The strengths of harmony give balance and encourage the team in the fight – as a result, the members earn extra power that allows using special abilities. The strengths of dissonance are more powerful but are more unpredictable powers. With their help, you can overcome even the strongest enemies but the instability of this type of strengths may turn against the player.

The CEO of Ultimate Games S.A., Mateusz Zawadzki said:

“The Harmony & Dissonance system is one of the unique characteristics of Prodigy Tactics. Thanks to it, the player has the choice between a more conservative and risky style. The game also has a fascinating design in fantasy climates and a high-level visual setting.”

Each of the 13 playable characters has two unique attacks in addition to a basic attack and counterattack. The creators have also prepared a wide range of developing characters – experience points obtained can be used, for example, to improve individual statistics. Additionally, it is also possible to use special passive skills.

Zbigniew Dębick, CEO of Forever Entertainment S.A. spoke of the Early Access phase:

“During the nearly 12 months in Early Access, the game has been thoroughly refined and expanded. The final product of Prodigy Tactics offers a variety of game modes, including those intended for single players that provide approximately 15 hours of fun. There is also the possibility of encounters with other players.”

Prodigy Tactics will launch fully on Steam on the 29th of September 2018, priced at £15.49 / $19.99 / €19.99.