Depth of Extinction

Depth of Extinction makes its move onto PC

Inspired by the likes of XCOM 2 and FTL: Faster than Light!

The turn-based tactical RPG Depth of Extinction, developed by HOF Studios is available now on Steam, GOG, and Humble! Handpick your fighters from a roster of hardened operatives to join your squad – then battle vicious factions and killer machines in defence of mankind. Depth of Extinction’s terrifying underwater world is rife with violence and players who love complex gameplay, real permadeath and superb pixel art have much to look forward to whether you may be a strategy novice or a veteran looking for a new challenge!

The “Creators”, a society that formed after an unknown calamity plunged civilisation into the bottom of what is now a vast ocean, created and produced advanced technology that would better suit their needs. Aeons passed however and the Creators would fade from existence, only leaving behind remnants of their civilisation and technology.  After their disappearance, and the seas being more uncertain than ever, mankind split into multiple factions – including “The Republic”, which used the machines left behind by the Creators and become the most stable faction, while the others resorted to more violent methods of survival. Now however, the machines are starting to fail them and the population starting to grow wary, the only hope for survival for mankind is to venture into the unknown.

Mike Stumhofer, founder and lead developer at HOF Studios, recently had this to say about the creation of the game and how they made the story feel more grounded in realism:

“I started playing tactics games in the ‘90s with the X-COM franchise. It’s funny to think that I’ve had a long-running love for the genre for a couple of decades now. My favorite game at that time was Terror from the Deep. Depth of Extinction is essentially a spiritual remake of that game with a fresh take on the modern XCOM gameplay mechanics – including random encounters. Most games focus on creating threats to humanity like aliens, zombies, vampires or other monsters. Our game is grounded in something more realistic. The greatest threat to humanity is humanity itself. Our characters don’t know what caused the fall or how we got to where we are, but we know that the root of the evil was humanity itself.”

If you are interested in taking a look at the game, be sure to head over to the, GOG, Humble or Steam pages where you can grab the game at 10% for £13.49 / $17.99.