Blink: Rogues sneaks into Early Access

It’s time to get competitive.

A mash up between classic shoot’em up and arena style one-on-one games; Blink: Rogues has snuck its way into Early Access on Steam. Indie studio Fox Dive are hoping that Blink will revive and challenge the SHMUP genre by introducing a highly competitive PvP mode.

This unique PvP game mode allows for a mix of sharp reflexes and strategic planning, while remaining loyal to the top down vertical scroller layout. A duel engages players in a 5 minute split-screen match, granting victory to whomever earns most points by the end of that time. Points can be earned either by destroying waves of enemies or by chasing a frag in your opponent’s screen, using the namesake Blink mechanic.

But, if competition isn’t your thing, the game also features a single player mode. Here, you get to put on the suit of daredevil mercenary pilot Lucius Ahalla, who is trying to unravel his newest employers’ schemes while working to destroy the forces of their enemies. Points earned by shooting enemy ships are totaled in a global leaderboard, that allows for comparison with worldwide competition.

Fox Dive studio plans to release the full version of the game in spring 2019. The full release will have many new features like: a new story and difficulty levels in single player mode, a co-op mode, more ships, enemies and maps, more customization possibilities and other improvements derived from players’ feedback. Let’s hope the game gets as much as possible out of its Early Access period.

Blink: Rogues is available on Steam right now, so if top-down shooting is your thing, go grab an early access copy.