Hexologic receives a huge content update

Even more puzzles, and for free!

The beautiful, soothing puzzler that is Hexologic has received a brand new update. Boasting 36 new levels, 2 biomes, an updated soundtrack and lots of other features and enhancements, this is certainly one for all the puzzle fans out there.

Hexologic is a popular hex-based puzzler and a creative reinvention of tile-based riddles. It features an artful design, relaxing ambient music and proves to be a challenge, even to the most experienced fans of logic games, such as Sudoku and Picross.

Players can now embark on a journey through space and time, solving puzzles with far more demanding settings, such as limited assists and shuffled hexes. These new difficulties have been divided into two different settings. The first setting removes green bands informing about a solved row, the second randomizes values on hexes, bringing a new life to already solved levels. Think they were easy first time round? Now is the perfect time to test yourself again.

MythicOwl followed it’s community’s advice and decided to extend Hexologic’s playtime, making it more appealing to experienced fans of logic games. The update is free, now available on Steam and both iOS and Android, with Nintendo Switch to follow up shortly after.

If puzzles are your thing, check out Hexologic on Steam, and get the new bumper update!