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Bushiden punches its way to Kickstarter

Platformer, but also ninjas.

Bushiden, the metroidvania-influenced action platformer, has made it to kickstarter, and thats not all. Pixel Arc Studios have also announced that the game will receive physical copies for the PS4 for those that pledge. Beyond the physical copies for the Kickstarter campaign there will also be a full rollout of standard and limited edition physical releases at retail once the game launches.

The game is set in a futuristic world where your greatest foe has been revived from the dead and is seeking revenge, as they so often do. The game combines melee combat with exploration elements spanning 8 separate, non-linear levels. You assume the role of Reylee, the last member of the ancient Iga-Ryu Clan, as you set out to save your sister and defeat the diabolical Gaoh and his cybergenetic army once and for all.

Bushiden key features include:

  • 7 levels to explore plus a prologue area!
  • Survive epic boss fights to unlock new traversal and combat abilities!
  • Unique “crowd control” combat system gives the player powerful options for dispatching hordes of foes!
  • Revisit levels with upgraded abilities to unlock new areas and become more powerful!
  • Beautifully drawn and animated pixel art! They don’t make games like this anymore!
  • Purchase upgrades and Chi Spell Attacks from the Tech Shop!

If this sounds like your sort of platformer, head on over to Bushiden’s Kickstarter page to make your pledge.