Roguelite shooter Gerty release date announced

Twin-stick roguelite action packed shooter launching on Steam and Humble.

Gerty is a top-down rogue-lite twin-stick shooter with fully destructible environment. Carve your own path through replayable procedurally generated levels and create tactically advantageous situations to eliminate the alien threat in intense, tough but fair, action packed gameplay.

Mine Juice crystals to upgrade your gear, discover alien structures, and eliminate the source of the alien threat in singleplayer or local co-op mode. Dive into the deep tunnels of a mining colony on your own, or in local co-op with up to 4 players. Purchase gear, level up your character and gain powerful perks to eliminate the alien horde.

Project lead Risto Ihalainen explained:

“To us, early access presents an opportunity to gather feedback from a much larger group of gamers than has been possible before. We have always carefully listened to our fans and our testers and without their feedback Gerty would not be as awesome as it is today. October 1st is the fourth anniversary of the project kickoff. Our small but dedicated team is excited to finally unleash the game on rogue-lite fans.

Gerty will release into Steam Early Access, as well as the Humble Store, on the 3rd of December.